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Bill Alberg Arnold Goldman
Jim Bettger David Graham
Patti Cohen Zimble Wil Hastings
Gladys Coletti Lyden Gresh Ivey
Patti Cook Cohen Paul Johnson
  Paul Langan
Pricilla Dudley Hirschy Pat O'Leary El-Baz

Ken Ferris

Phil Palatt
Jordan Freedman Adrienne Pease Guptill
Bob Fuller Barbara Singer Freeman
Dick Gilman Ann Valpey Langan
Dick Goldberg Connie Valpey Deschenes
Harry Goldberg Barbara Young Feakes
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Bill Alberg writes

I have always done executive search and recruitment, primarily in the retail industry coast to coast. Zoia founded one of NH's most successful real estate brokerages when we were there in the mid to late 80's, previously graduated nursing school in Cambridge, and when we moved to California, taught nursing at several nursing schools.  (30 November 2000)

see Bill's news and comments

Jim and Jan Bettger write

We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. We are lucky to have our family living in Salem, Peabody, & Swampscott.   (6 April 2002)

see Jim & Jan's news and their comments

Patti Cohen Zimble writes

Kenny (high school sweetheart) and I live in downtown Boston and spend summers on Cape Cod. We have three children and six grandchildren.  I retired from teaching six years ago after teaching for twenty-five years, the last fifteen of which was as a learning disability teacher at a private high school.  It's very nice to sit over coffee and the New York Times in the morning!  (15 May 2002)

see Patti's comments

Glady(s) Coletti Lyden writes

I have been married for 45 years and have three children and one grandchild.
     After high school I was employed by the Boston & Maine RR and a year down the road was transferred to Portland where I met my future husband.
Gene also worked for the railroad in Portland and through a mutual friend we were introduced and two years later married.   I continued to work for the railroad and left work during the time I began a family of a daughter and two sons.
     After the children became adults and left the nest Gene and I had the chance
to travel throughout the country when his work required.
(25 August 2001)

see Glady's news and comments

Wil Hastings writes

When he left in '53, also left behind about 40 pounds, his mother's fine cookies, etc. Harvard seemed at the time a great choice, an intellectual haven in a sea of proto-fascists. Graduation, however, left him clueless.
     Then Paris for a year & a fantasy of teaching English to Turkish kids in Ankara for the next. Fate caught up: he asked
Joan Loomis (now spouse of 40+ years) to marry him, got serious, came back to Harvard Law School, became a lawyer before lawyer jokes took over, worked in Boston in a law firm, then became Elliot Richardson's deputy in the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, left with him to work for Nixon (yo! speaking of the f-word) in Washington, became General Counsel of the Department of Health, Education & Welfare, returned to Boston before the Saturday Night Massacre, practiced law again for 17 long years, quit in 1990, moved to the hills of Western Massachusetts for poetry & gardens.
     Three charming, intelligent, loving, clean, reverent, brave, courteous children & five grandchildren of similar qualities.
     These words written in
Arnold's Sussex farmhouse of 400+ years, [with doorways] built for midgets - Arnold & Dorothy having put in a large supply of head bandages for guests over 4' 9."  (16 February 2001)

WAB.jpg (13659 bytes)
Wil (r.), Arnold (l.) and Bertie (far l.) in February 2001 at Arnold's front door.
The door knocker is a brass quahog made in Rhode Island

see Wil's comments

Gresh Ivey writes
Background info since I left SHS in the spring of '51: Graduated from Burlington (VT) HS, and Princeton with Tom O'Leary. Spent 22 years in the Navy, serving on a destroyer, 3 submarines, and a cruiser. Taught at OCS, and the University of Utah, was taught in Naval Post Graduate School where I earned an MS in Oceanography in '69. Also served on the Joint Chiefs Staff at the Pentagon. Retired as a Commander in 1979.
     Taught mathematics in public high schools here in Utah for 20 years, retiring in June 2000.
     Have been married to
Bobbie (Barbara H.) since 1959. We have three children - Richard, Suzanne, and Peter, who to date have managed to give us 2 grand daughters, Molly (Richard) and Jessica (Sue), with a third due in March (also Richard). I have always considered myself a member of the Class of 53, even though I am fully aware that is not kosher.  (20 December 2000 - the webmaster reckons that he can award Gresh kosher status)

see Gresh's news and comments

Patti Cook Cohen writes

The law firm [is] where I still work (after 30 years) part time - my other life is that of owning a tiny flower/garden/gift shop, Derby Farm Flowers, 15 Lebanon Street, Hanover, NH 03755 (603) 643-3093. (15 December 2000)

see Patti's news

Ed Deschenes

see Connie Valpey Deschenes writes

Priscilla "Me-Me" Dudley Hirschy writes   I attended UMass for one year then transferred to Mass. General Hospital School of Nursing and was graduated in September l957. That November, Hank, a LTJG in the navy, and I were married in the Old South Church in Copley Square. I had met him the summer of '52 while we both worked at the New Ocean House. We had seventeen different addresses until we settled in Alexandria, VA in l977. Life was never dull. The three most interesting times were the four years (1961-5) during which Hank was on the White House Staff, our eighteen months in the Phillipine Islands and the last months of the Viet Nam War when he was evacuated by helicopter from the air port in Saigon.
     I worked in various medical jobs from 1958- 1963 when the first of our three children arrived. After seventeen years "at home" I returned to work. Actually, having three in college had something to do with that. A doctor who lived in the neighborhood called and asked if I could help him in his office for just a few days. Fifteen years later I retired in l995 due to a progressive hearing loss. I rejoined the hearing world in 2001 thanks to Cochlear Implant surgery at Duke University Hospital.
     In 1997 we retired to Beaufort, NC, a small town near Cape Lookout. I keep active by swimming three times a week at the local health club. Our three children are all married and doing well in their chosen fields. They live in Raleigh, NC (2 granddaughters), Richmond, VA (2 grandsons) and Napa, California and we enjoy frequent visits with them.
(12 September 2009)

Paul Johnson writes

Well after graduating and fooling around at the NOH that summer, I went in the Air Force, came back and went to school in Wolleston and in 1960 went back to Spokane Washington. After seeing what the rest of the country looked like, Swampscott didn't impress me. I had gotten married in 1956, had 3 kids and after the last one left home, I did too. Remarried in 1983, moved across the state line and that's where I am now.
     I tried for the 25th reunion back in '78, went back to Swampscott, found
Connie Valpey our VP but she knew nothing. We thought it was Fred Johnson's duty to organize the reunions but nobody knew where he was. I went back home "unfulfilled" but a year later my folks read in the paper where the class of '53 had their 25th reunion with the class of '54 in 1979. (Lucked out)
     I did look up some of the classmates while I was there and had an interesting thing with
Lenny LundstromEd Deschenes had taken me out to Lenny's house to renew old friendships.... We decided not to introduce me but let Lenny try to remember.  He couldn't, so after about 8 or 10 "Who is he"'s and each one getting louder than the other, I had to introduce myself.  Boy, did his jaw drop.  (24 March 2002, to Ken Ferris)

Paul Langan

see Ann Valpey Langan writes

Pat O'Leary El-Baz writes

My husband is Dr. Farouk El-Baz and we have been married for forty years ergo for forty years I have been Pat El-Baz.  My business was called Patricia El-Baz Interiors.
     Farouk is the Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University after a career that encompassed the Space Program, oil exploration in the Red Sea, desert research at the Smithsonian, and now he searches for water using space imaging as well as counting crowds at large events.
     Anyway we have had a sometimes too exciting life. My mother decided I hadn't thrown my life away when she began to see him on television and read about him in the press.
    We have lived in Heidelberg (of course! the only language I hadn't studied was German. I learned), Cairo, Washington DC, Concord Mass, and now Boston and New Hampshire. We still travel continually so we really are all over the map.
     I have four daughters, Monira (Mika), Soraya, Karima and Fairouz; four grandchildren (Yasmeen, Alia, Billy and Ian. Mika and Soraya did junior years in London and Mika worked there for several years. Karima is an artist and trying to develop a couture business. Fairouz has a degree in environmental science, but has decided she is really an actress. Soraya has all the kids and lives in DC. Mika is in the music business head of publicity for Interscope-Geffen A and M which is part of Universal which is part of Vivendi. Anyway she toured with Sir Paul McCartney early in her career, and now she has U-2, Garbage.... What is my Smith, University College-educated art history major doing with these people? I thought she might do Museum work.
(23 May 2003)

Ken Ferris writes

Guess it's about time I brought you up to date on my misadventures since SHS '53.
     Got my BBA from UMass in '57, met my lovely bride-to-be
Annette Boschetti in December 1957 and tied the knot in September 1959. We have 2 children, Ken and Kimberly, both doing very well thank you, and are currently empty nesters living just outside Lansing in Okemos, Michigan.
     How in all that's holy did we end up in Okemos, Michigan? Well, after a couple of accounting related jobs that convinced me I wanted something more people oriented, I went to work in a sales position for U.S. Steel Corporation in 1960 which turned out to be the start of a 39-year career. Went through several positions with USS in Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit and ultimately ended up in the Lansing area as sales manager from which position I retired in 1999.
(4 June 2000)

see Ken's news and comments

Jordan Freedman writes

The last nearly fifty years have flashed by too quickly but I can't say that it hasn't been a fun ride. In the years after SHS, I went to a technical school for photography, spent a couple of years in the Army (post Korea and pre Vietnam) and finally got my engineering degrees, BSEE and MSEE. After that, I spent significant time in the Defense industry while it was viable and ultimately retired from Polaroid last year. In between various engineering positions in Western Electric, RCA, Avco and Polaroid, I switched careers a couple of times and owned two successful food establishments.
Muriel and I each have two children from prior marriages. My kids live and work in Gainesville FL where I have a grandson who is 20 and a granddaughter 6 mos old. Muriel's children live and work in the Andover/Haverhill MA area where she has three grandsons ranging from 14 to 3 years.
     Never content to remain in any one place too long, we've lived in Lynn MA, Andover MA (twice), Newton MA, Needham MA and now Ogunquit ME. Even though I retired for medical reasons, I'm working as an instructor in Computer Applications at a local Community College. This is the most difficult job I've had. If you follow
my saga on this site you know that we demolished a summer cottage here in Ogunquit that we owned for the past 15 years. The new home is complete except for the final landscaping which will be done in the Spring. Hopefully now we can settle down and relax.  (31 October 2001)

see Jordan's news

Phil Palatt writes

Post Swampscott High 1953:
Four Years at Tufts – BS in Mechanical Engineering. ‘57
Navy ROTC – Alpha Epsilon Pi

Commissioned on graduation as an Ensign US Naval Reserve. Naval Flight School Pensacola Fla. and Two years in Atlantic Fleet. Left the Navy (Lt.) and went directly into the "Military Industrial Complex". East Coast – West Coast – (repeat several times) > LA / DC/the "Cape"/Shemya.

Rockets – Missiles – Navigation - Guidance - Weapons – Space - Computers – Satellites – Sensors – Surveillance - Intelligence.

Picked up a Masters in Operations Research along the way and some expertise in "Special Weapons".

Married 26 Years – Divorced - Remarried three years later. Sixteen years now with my current (and last) wife – "Oki" (Korean). Three children by the first marriage. The oldest lost in young manhood. A daughter currently working on a PhD in performing arts. And my youngest son: an Investment Banker.

Surprised all (but my wife) by surviving a major "Health Crisis" several years ago. Came out of it about 95% and with a new outlook on life. Applied for, and was granted; early retirement.

Took "That Trip" – Wrote my Book – Mended some fences, Nurtured some relationships, and did most all those things that never seem to rise to the top of our "To Do Someday" lists in the normal course of typical "Post Depression Kids" career/life.

Indulged myself in my old hobbies (gun collecting and the shooting sports, stained glass crafting). Spent a fair amount of time swapping lies with the guys at my local gun range/club where I gained a reputation as "Not at all Bad – (for an "Old Guy") on the pistol range.

Got called back to work after 9/11. Currently contracting to the "Defense Threat Reduction Agency – Department of Homeland Security – WMD Analysis Center as a Military Operational Research Analyst. I expect to be here "for the duration".

No current Pictures…. I look pretty much the same….Just "Older". "Say Hey" to "the Stags", and others.  (6 July 2005)

Adrienne Pease Guptill writes

I am mostly retired after a career in medical technology (1987), then a time in real estate, and  then a short time as a property manager at my church, and now I have a Bed and Breakfast here in Needham.
     I was widowed in 1993 and have one son Eric, living in Indiana.  
(11 December 2000)

see Adrienne's news and comments

Bob Fuller writes

After June 1953, I drove a taxi for my father summers and attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst graduating in 1957. At that time, U. Mass was a small college and Amherst was the only campus. I joined a fraternity and just had a terrific college experience. One of my classmates and fraternity brothers was Jack Welch of GE fame and we became good friends. My wife and I are godparents to his daughter Anne and Jack and his first wife Carolyn are godparents to our younger son Matthew.
     All of my career has been in the property and casualty insurance field. I first worked for several insurance companies and then insurance brokers in New York City, Philadelphia, Allentown, White Plains, and finally Providence. My specialty was providing professional liability insurance (malpractice) for hospitals and physicians in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Along the way I attended the College of Insurance and the Insurance Institute of America and obtained the professional designations of CPCU and ARM.
In 1958 I married
Patricia Dionne of Swampscott. Pat graduated from Mount Holyoke College. We have two great sons, Robert and Matthew, and one grandson, Ryan. Our children both live in Florida, and we spent three months there this past winter. We should have stayed five months!!
     We have lived in Rhode Island almost 40 years.  I have been active in community affairs serving as chairman of the Personnel Board of Review and vice chairman of the Planning Commission as well as a member of the Rotary Club, Republican Town Committee,and Republican State Central Committee.
     I retired in 1996, and then worked part time as a risk management and insurance consultant for 5 years and fully retired last year. Activities include tennis, reading, working out, the beach, Florida and traveling.
(6 May 2003)

Joan Rooks Hyde's daughter Jackie writes

Worked for Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC for 30 years as secretary, last job for Asst Chief, now retired.Raised 4 children, 3 girls and one boy. Has one 13 yr old grandson and a grandbaby on the way!!
Still loves the ocean and dreams of a home (soon I hope) on the water. For those who knew my grandmother Eileen Rooks she is still going strong at 92.
  (13 March 2003)

Barbara Singer Freeman writes

These mini-bios take so many shapes and angles. The highlights of my life since those great years at "Big Blue" are few and simple.
     My husband and soulmate,
Michael, with whom I've shared 47 wonderful years. My children, Marty, Barry and Linda, who are as much best friends as dear children. My five- and soon to be six - grandchildren who give me a reason to smile and laugh each day. My mother, with whom I share a very unique closeness that transcends many mother-daughter relationships.
     Being an "at home" Mom when not supporting Mike's HVAC business, allowed me to reap the benefits of nurturing these relationships. In addition to our family activities and daily life, Mike and I have combined business and travel both at home and abroad.   His semiretirement allows leisure time together. 
(25 September 2002)

see Barbara's comments

Ann Valpey Langan writes

We are retired now from GTE Sylvania. Paul [Langan] had a long career in engineering and my last job with them was as Administrative Assistant to the Plant Manager.
     We have travelled a great deal since retiring, both in Europe and in this country.
     We have four grown children, all married with families. Two are engineers, one is a contractor and another is a nursing assistant.
(20 December 2000)

see Ann's news and comments

Dick Gilman writes

A brief biography since high school graduation would include an AB at Williams College 1957, summa cum laude, MD at Columbia University 1961, four years of housestaff training in New York City, and two years in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam misfortune.
     Since 1967, I have been engaged in the private practice of Internal Medicine in the heart of the Silicon Valley in northern California and in teaching at Stanford University Medical School.
     I retired earlier this year from practice, but remain active as voluntary professor of Medicine (rheumatology) at Stanford.
     I was married to
Patricia Williams in 1962. She continues to work as a consultant. We have two great children, Douglas and Deborah. Debbie has given us our only grandchild to date.  (28 August 2001)

see Dick's news and comments

Dick Goldberg writes

Paula and I still live in Silver Spring, MD. We've lived in the same home for more than 30 years. We also own a condo in South Florida (Boca Raton) were we sneak down when not too busy.
     I'm still working as a Senior Scientist for NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center) where I've spent most of my career. Work is still a ball so that my intent is to keep working. Next year, I have scientific rocket programs in Northern Norway and Sweden. Also an unmanned aircraft program in Florida to make measurements over thunderstorms vat 50K feet.
     Paula has just switched careers from manager to social worker working with senior citizens. She went back to school (National Catholic University of America) here in Washington and graduated with an MS in Social Work last June. She passes licensing exams in MND and DC and now has a new job, which she loves. She helps keep me young.
(to Ken Ferris, 17 September 2001)

see Dick's comments

Harry Goldberg writes

After college and law school I spent three years in the army judge advocate general's corps, stationed most of the time in Germany. Since then I have practiced law in New York City and Philadelphia in six law firms (ranging in size from 6 to 200+). I started in general practice and then specialized in securities law for 35+ years.
     Of interest probably only to Bill Alberg, from the late 1970's to the mid-1980's I had an active practice representing clients involved in breeding and racing thoroughbreds and quarter horses.
     While in Philadelphia, I was a director and president of the local area civic association. I have co-authored two books about transactions involving securities law. For the last six years I have practiced from my home in Fort Lee, N.J., with a concentration in banking matters.
     I have two wonderful sons (25 and 29). Fortunately, they are both in NYC, so we get together frequently. 
(24 October 2003)

for Arnold Goldman's biographical notes, CLICK HERE

see Arnold's news and comments

David Graham writes

...graduated Boston University and then had four years in the Navy as a pilot. For 23 years after that he flew Naval Reserve aircraft "all over creation."
     He worked for 30 years with the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission, retiring as its Director. He has a consulting business with Edwards and Kelcey, the Boston engineering firm.
     David and
Florence, a naval nurse when they met, moved to Marblehead in 1964. David was chairman of the Corinthian Yacht Club's Race Committee for a dozen years.  (adapted from DWG to DH, 1 November 1998)

Connie Valpey Deschenes writes

Eddie and I have been married for 45 years and are both retired. He from Sylvania as an Electronic Engineer and I was a Medical Library Assistant at 2 local hospitals (Atlantic Care and Salem).
     We have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys (young adults). All are married and all are in business for themselves. We have 10 grandchildren (3 boys and 7 girls). Some already in college and the youngest is 2 years old. 
(20 December 2000)

see Connie's news and comments

Barbara Young Feakes writes

After graduation from Chandler, I   worked in Boston and then Lynn G.E.  Met John Bozyczko and married in   '56. We had three lovely daughters:  Diane - Special Chemistry tech at   BMC in Pittsfield, MA; Irene B Maston  - Chef and Owner of www.andrieroseinn.com in Ludlow, VT;  and Donna Bozyczko Coyne - Director  of Cell Biology for Cephalon in West  Chester, PA.   We also have two  grandchildren, Ross (15) and   Alexandra (13).
     Divorced in 1970 and married 
Clifford R Feakes, and we bought a  farm in Lanesboro, MA.,Townry  Farm.  Raised 250 sheep - raised Labrador  retrievers - had a bakery and B&B.
     Sold 8 years ago and we are  fortunate  enough to travel 5 1/2 months of the year to Aeschi,  Switzerland; Maishofen, Austria; and   Lueneburg, Germany. 
(18 July 2003)

Thank you for keeping the website together all these years. I did not know that it existed. It was fun to read it and to see that two friends had not disappeared.
     As far as my personal info, my husband, Cliff, passed away on Christmas Day 2010 and I have slowly been getting involved in my church choir and reconnecting with old friends. We traveled for 22 years to Aeschi, Switzerland and that is where we spread his ashes. Two of my daughters and a son in law went over with me in April 2010 to do this. Many of our Swiss friends joined us for the journey above Lake Thun where he expressed his wishes to have them spread. Then, last May, Alexandra, my granddaughter and myself went over for two weeks with my daughter Donna. And I will visiting there at least once a year as long as I am able.
     I did travel to Rome in October for the canonization of seven saints with a group from Newark, New Jersey, also went to Assisi and Florence. This April 12, I leave with my daughter and husband that have an inn in Ludlow, Vermont for Rome and picking up a car there and driving to the Puglia part of Italy for one week and then on to Pompei for another week. As my husband of 39 years always said, Barb keep it moving. So I am.
     Hope to make the reunion if I survive this next trip. Thanks again for your interest and work of the group to help keep people in touch through the years.    Sincerely, Barb
(28 February 2013)

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Eleanor Boothroyd Godin

From the Salem News DANVERS — Mrs. Eleanor M. (Bothroyd) Godin, 74, of Danvers, died Monday, Nov. 9, 2009 in Beverly Hospital, after a brief illness. She was the wife of the late Richard E. Godin.

Born in Boston, she was the daughter of Dorothy (McGown) O'Donnell, of Danvers, and the late Ernest Bothroyd. She attended Swampscott schools and was a graduate of Swampscott High School. Eleanor had lived in Lynn until moving to Danvers 35 years ago.

She had formerly worked for many years at the Lynn Five Cent Savings Bank in Lynn.

Eleanor enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, and traveling with her husband. She loved her Dachshunds and will be greatly missed by her dog "Prince."

In addition to her mother, she is survived by two daughters, Judy Hill and her husband Robert of Ormond Beach, Fla., Donna Halliday and her husband Raymond of Newburyport; one son, Paul Godin and his wife Susan of Newton, N.H.; seven grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

John Frederic Casey died in 1993. After serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, he married Peg Nies (Swampscott High School Class of 1955) and raised three sons. He graduated from Northeastern University with honors in 1979 and received his Masters degree from Anna Maria College in 1981. He served with the MDC Police until 1969, when he joined the Swampscott Police Department and attained the rank of lieutenant.  (SHS Class of 1953 Remembrance Book, December 2003)



Ed Deschenes did on 28 July 2015. Click here for the Salem News obituary: http://www.salemnews.com/obituaries/charles-e-deschenes/article_7f6ca94a-ea18-5d28-861b-2b668bcda4fd.html

Arthur Emanuel Dinerman died at the age of 62, in Olney, Maryland. He married Janet Arvin, who survived him with their three children, Julie Ann, Joshua and Rebecca. At Artie's death there were two grandchildren. Artie served in the U.S. Navy, was an engineer, received his law degree and worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission. He later became a self-employed engraver.  (AG+Remembrance Book)

William (Bill) Durgin died in a house fire in Candia, N.H. on 18 October, 2009. He'd lived there for 15 years.
  Bill had been a jet mechanic in the USAF, and was afterwards employed in the auto upholstery business, Candia Cushions. He travelled in his motor home.
  Bill is survived by three daughters,two sons and many grandchildren. He was married twice.

Barbara D. Durkee, of Peabody, formerly of Swampscott, 30 March 2009, Registered Nurse for Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Daughter of the late Roy and Dorothy (Champion) Durkee. Survived by her three nephews, Lawrence E. Durkee, Jr., of Andover, Paul D. Durkee of Holliston, Thomas F. Durkee of Carmichael, California and a niece Dana-Ann Durkee of Colorado. She also leaves several great nieces and nephews. She is the sister of the late Russell D. and Lawrence E. Durkee. Her Funeral will be held on Friday at 9:00 AM from the Solimine, Landergan and Richardson Funeral Home, 67 Ocean Street (Rte. 1A) LYNN, followed by a Funeral Mass in St. Mary's Church, Lynn at 10:00 AM Burial in Swampscott Cemetery. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited. Visiting hours on Thursday from 4 to 7 PM. Donations may be made to St. Mary's High School, Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 35 Tremont Street, Lynn, MA 01902. Directions and guestbook at www.solimine.com. E-mail Visit Guest Book. Boston Globe

Doris Sarah Eisenberg Winer passed away in November 1987 from complications with pneumonia. She left four children, David, Andrea, Mindy, and her oldest (yours truly), a number of grandchildren, and her younger sister Estelle Fine, who currently lives in Swampscott. My parents had been divorced in the late 1970s.  (Larry Winer, 1 January 2007)

Robert Edgar Gibson died on October 19, 1984. After service in the Army, he married in 1960. He worked at the G.E. River Works in Lynn as a computer specialist. His hobby was "O" scale model trains. He is survived by his wife, Louise, and four daughters.  (Remembrance Book)

Stanley Gordon died in June 2008.

Derek Hepworth died on 18 April 2005 after a long illness contracted soon after the 50th Class Reunion. Elaine Hepworth wrote to the Class of 53 website: Often I think about your wonderful reunion which was really one of Derek's last healthy periods.  (23 October 2005)

Toni Jaffee died in November 2008 of cancer. Temple Bat Yin, Ocean City, Maryland, of which she was a past chair, have named an annual health fair in her honor.

James Lane, Jr died 30 August 30, 2009 following a brief illness. He and Elaine (Byrne) Lane had shared over 50 years of marriage.   Born in Lynn, he was raised and educated in Swampscott. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Army, served during the Korean War and was honorably discharged in 1954. Upon marrying, he moved to Peabody where he lived for 50 years.   James worked for Mass Electric as a cable splicer for over 35 years in the Malden, Everett, and Revere areas before retiring 12 years ago.   He was very proud of his Irish heritage and he enjoyed visiting Ireland twice with Elaine. He enjoyed boating and golfing. He enjoyed the time he spent with his family and later, his grandchildren.   Besides Elaine, James is survived by three sons and two daughers, nine grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. (adapted from the Salem News)

Thomas James O'Leary (Tom) died on 17 December 1968 at the age of 33, of a rare blood deficiency. He was Assistant Professor of Political Science at Williams College, from which he was on leave as visiting research professor at the National University of Chile.
  Tom had graduated from Princeton University and earned his doctorate at Stanford University. Before joining Williams, he was a research assistant for the Cuban Refugees in Miami project and then research assistant for the Stanford studies of the Communist system.
  Tom's parents, his younger brothers Terry and Jim, and his younger sister all survived him. Williams College established a fund in Tom's honor to further Latin-American studies at the College.


Janet Marie Owens Dandreo died on September 7, 1979. She leaves her husband William, two sons and one daughter.  (Remembrance Book)

Richard Eugene Parletta died on January 28, 1983. After high school he entered the G.E. apprentice program. He had a store in Wyoma Square, Lynn, who sold and serviced radio-controlled model airplanes. He is survived by two sisters.  (Remembrance Book)

Pricilla Parks Goddard died on October 25, 2003 in Hampton, New Hampshire. She is survived by her husband, Robert, two daughters, her sister and three grandchildren. She was predeceased by a son.  (Ann Maitland Whittemore, 6 December 2003)

Jackie Peters Allman died during the summer of 2007.... Her ashes were spread on Fisherman’s Beach. (Ron Peters, SHS Class of 1957, Jackie's brother, 2009)

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Barbara A. Pettis Silsbee,

From the Marblehead Reporter - Barbara A. Pettis Silsbee, 74, of Danvers, formerly of Lynn, died on November 22, 2008, at Beverly Hospital, after a brief illness. she was the wife of the late Henry O. Sillsbee III.
  Born in Swampscott, she was the daughter of the late Claude and Cecil E. (DeVeau) Pettis.
  She graduated from Swampscott High School, Class of 1953 and had lived in Lynn since 1959.
  Mrs Silsbee was a soprano soloist and enjoyed entertaining with her husband at veterans' homes and at orphanages.
  She was a member of AMVETS Auxiliary No. 27, Lynn. She leaves two sons, Henry O. Silsbee IV and his wife, Nadine, of Wilmington and Bradley L. Silsbee of Swampscott; two daughters, Catherine E. Brackett and her husband, Scott, of Gloucester; and Anna L. Stiros and her husband, Gus, of Lynn; two brothers, Claude M. Pettis II of Pennsylvania and Leonard Pettis of California; a sister, Claudia M. Scolamiero of Swampscott; four grandchildren, Rebecca Brackett, James Stiros, Noelle and Rachel Silsbee; and several nieces and nephews.

Doris Christine Porter Cowdell's son Jim Cowdell told Sally Kitfield Shannon that Doris was a stay-at-home mom until the kids grew up then she went to work for Sears for a while.
  She and her husband Herb moved to Milwaukee to be near their daughter Kathy. They were there for 7 years. When they returned to Lynn, Doris went to work at the Registry of Deeds. (That is where I saw her. SKS)
  She had 4 children, James, Thomas, Richard & Kathy and 7 grandchildren. Jim and Richard live in Lynn, as does Herb.
  Doris was born 23 December 1934 and died 4 April 1994. She had bone cancer and put up a good fight, working right up until a few days before she died.  (Sally Kitfield Shannon, 17 July 2003)

Suzanne Rafferty Covello died on 24 January 1997, of complications from asthma. Suzy  graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College with a major in zoology and started her first career as a research assistant at the Harvard Medical School.
  In September 1958, she married Alfred (Tim) V. Covello and  moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where Tim was attending law school. Suzy worked as a personnel specialist at the Aetna Life Insurance Company until the arrival of Timothy in 1961. Nancy - named after godmother Nancy Waldo McGrath - arrived in 1965.
  Suzy spent the major part of the next 20 years in parenting and civic activities. Once both children were at Harvard, a  part-time job doing title searches   led to a full-time career. She received her law degree in 1987, became a member of the Connecticut Bar and joined the Connecticut Attorneys’ Title Insurance Company as the senior title examiner. She was also  vice-president of the  Connecticut Association of Real Property Professionals.
  If asked, Suzy would have said her greatest achievement was her family, which now includes a son-in-law, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren.  (Tish Bliss, sister, 22 August 2003)

Mary Ann Savino Stacey died on 6 December 6, 2004, at a local nursing home after a lengthy illness. To read an obituary, click here.

Frank Scheffler

Swampscott, MA — Frank L. Scheffler, 77, of Swampscott, died Wednesday, August 7, 2013, at Salem Hospital, following a brief illness. He was the husband of the late Barbara M. (Stelchook) Scheffler, and the son of the late Frank Leo and Katherine Louise (Cahill) Scheffler. Born in Boston, Frank was raised in Swampscott, where he lived his whole life. He graduated from Swampscott High School, class of 1953, and Boston College, class of 1957. Frank was a United States Marine veteran. He worked in insurance sales for Sentry Insurance Company for thirty-four years. He enjoyed traveling, especially cruises every year with his wife, Barbara, gardening and visiting the VFW Post in Swampscott.

He is survived by his son, John Scheffler and his wife, Kristen, of Swampscott; his daughters, Louise McNulty and her husband, Tom, of Danvers and Kathryn Mastrangelo and her husband, Vito, of Danvers; four grandchildren, Emily, Tommy and Julia McNulty and Lily Mastrangelo. He also leaves his sisters, Dorothy Bartram of Swampscott and Mary Lou Collins of Lynn; as well as several nieces and nephews. He was the father of the late Joanne Scheffler.

Salem News Obituary Saturday 10 August 2013

Sally Smith Cooke died on 10 July 2010. For the Boston Globe obituary, CLICK HERE.

From the Salem News obituary:

MARBLEHEAD — Sally Smith Cooke, 74, passed away peacefully at the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, on Saturday, July 10, 2010 after celebrating her 50th anniversary on July 9. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

Sally was born in Lynn, to the late Frederick P. Smith and Mabelle Carrie Benvie Smith on Dec. 22, 1935. Of her close childhood relatives, she leaves her brother, Frederick P. Smith, of Ocala, Fla., and her cousin, Jean Benvie Perkins and husband Hamilton Perkins of Marblehead.

She grew up on Hamilton Avenue in Lynn, where she attended elementary school and Cobbett Junior High, later moving to Elmwood Road in Swampscott, graduating from Swampscott High School in 1953, and from Bates College in 1957 with a major in Biology. She was much loved and respected by her classmates, who elected her Winter Carnival Queen in 1957. Throughout her life she remained an active and devoted Bates alumna, which included monthly luncheons with local classmates.

Sally also excelled in her career. She attained one of the first Masters in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University in 1959. Her first job was at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston. The following year she married her lifelong love, Phillips C. Cooke of Swampscott. They enjoyed a long and loving marriage, and she hung on long enough to celebrate their 50th anniversary on July 9, passing away the day after. Her family was her greatest joy, and she raised her children in Marblehead. She temporarily ceased formal practice of Occupational Therapy to bring up her three beloved children, Jonathan, Peter and Jennifer. After her children were older, she resumed work at United Cerebral Palsy in early intervention for many years. For the first 40 years of their union she made her family's home on Pequot Road until moving across the cove in 2001, where her husband still resides.

Sally loved participating in many activities in town, including being a deacon and trustee of Old North Church, a long-term member and past-president of the Cottage Gardeners of Marblehead, a 40-year member of the Corinthian Yacht Club with her husband Phil, golfing with her dear friends and a member of the "Purl Girls" knitting group. She was also a gifted artist, creating many jewelry pieces, watercolors and hooked rugs.

With her husband Phil and her children, she developed a great sense of adventure as she became an accomplished skier, spending many years skiing at Waterville Valley, and went on many trips to the West and Alps with fellow ski bus friends, hiked 32 of the 4.000 footers in the White Mountains with her family and learned slalom waterskiing on Lake Sunapee. Sally enjoyed adventure, and she and Phil traveled the world together. One of her favorite trips was a cruise to Iceland and Spitsbergen, a Norwegian island lying far within the Arctic Circle.

She was a kind and loving wife, mother, sister, cousin, grandmother, aunt and friend, most especially remembered for her contagious smile, generous warmth and incredible graciousness.

Sally was much loved and will be greatly missed by her husband, Phillips Carter Cooke of Marblehead; her son, Jonathan Phillips Cooke; daughter in-law, Sarah, and their children, Rachel and Josh of Newton; son, Peter Benvie Cooke; daughter-in-law, Mary Ann, and their children, Madeleine and Jake of Westwood; and daughter, Jennifer Cooke Rotman; son-in-law, Rich, and their children, Matthew and Samuel of Westborough, and her countless friends.

Her family would like to thank all of the special people at the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers and all of her care providers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, most especially her oncologist, Ursula Matulonis, MD.

(Erwin) Yale Strogoff died on 10 October 2011 at home in Florida.

Yale Strogoff, age 75, died on Monday, Oct. 10, 2011 following a brief illness at his home in Aventura, Fla.

  Born in Cambridge, he graduated from Swampscott High School and attended Boston University. He was also a long time Marblehead resident. Mr. Strogoff was a scrap metal dealer with businesses in Chelsea and Everett. He was a member of the Iron and Metal Institute. An avid boater and golfer he was a Vice Commodore of the Neptune Yacht Club in Florida, former member of the Boston Yacht Club and a member of their long range planning committee in Marblehead and a member of the Diplomat Golf Club in Florida. He was a volunteer at the Aleph Institute in Florida. He was a founder and past Brotherhood President of Temple Beth Shalom in Peabody. Also he was a member of the Aircraft Owners Pilot Assn., and the Mass. Surf Patrol.

  Beloved husband of Roberta "Bobbe" (Stryer) Strogoff. Devoted father of Cathy and her husband Peter Netburn of Sudbury, Steven and his wife Kinga Strogoff of Swampscott. Loving brother of Carol and her husband Dr. Harold Levin of Swampscott. Cherished grandfather of Amanda Netburn, David Netburn, Maika, Tyler, and Nicholas.

Salem News obituary (www.salemnews.com), sent by Oneita Soutter

Janet Sullivan McGrath died on 5 May 2007.

Nancy Tattle Lev died on 13 May 2004. To read an obituary, click here.

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