revised constitution adopted at AGM 15 April 2010




[This Constitution replaces the one adopted in January 2006 as amended subsequently.]

1  Name and character

The name of the organisation is the Lewes District Seniors’ Forum. The Forum is committed to equality and human rights; is not affiliated to or connected with a political party, party-political organisation, religious institution or group; and is non profit-making.

2  Objectives

The objectives of the Forum are to promote the welfare and interests of older people in Lewes and surrounding rural areas by

providing a platform for matters of concern to older people to be raised and views to be developed and referred to local authority and other providing bodies

supporting and publicising policies and actions to improve the condition of older people

participating with other seniors' forums in the East Sussex Seniors' Association, and

communicating and co-operating with other seniors’ forums nationally.

3  Membership

3.1  Membership of the Forum is open to all individuals who are fifty (50) years old or more and resident, working in or active in the local area.

3.2  Membership of the Forum is open to all organisations involved with the concerns of older people and operating in the local area.

4  The Forum Management Committee

4.1  A Forum Management Committee of up to twelve members will be elected at Annual General Meetings. Members of the Committee will be elected for a term of three years. They may stand for election again.

4.2 Representatives of organisations (see 3 above) will be invited to attend Committee meetings, though without voting rights.

4.3 The Committee will elect a chairman, a vice-chairman, an honorary secretary and an honorary treasurer. No one in office in local or national government may be an officer of the Committee.

4.4 When fewer than twelve members, the Committee may co-opt additional members to the total of twelve until the following Annual General Meeting. Co-opted members may offer themselves for elected committee membership.

4.5 The Committee will meet at least quarterly. Voting at Committee meetings will be by simple majority; minutes will be taken, agreed and kept; a quorum will be 50% of the Committee.

5  Forum meetings

There will be at least two (2) meetings of the whole membership of the Forum each year, one of which will be the Annual General Meeting. General Meetings will be notified to the membership one month in advance.

6  Changes to constitution

Changes to this Constitution can be made at General Meetings by majority vote of those present,

7  Dissolution

The Forum may be dissolved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present at a General Meeting.


[Constitution originally adopted 25 January 2006, amended 6 February 2007, amended March 2009; revised constitution adopted at AGM, 15 April 2010]


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